Find a Product for Your Application
    1. Forklift Trucks
    2. Forklift TrucksKaixun electric forklift trucks offer you easy operation and simple maintenance without sacrificing the productivity of your business. We can provide 3-wheel and 4-wheel electric forklift trucks...
    1. Pallet Trucks
    2. Pallet TrucksKaixun pallet truck or pallet jack is perfectly suited to deliver high reliability, low maintenance cost and efficient performance in horizontal transportation and order picking for your warehouse applications.
    1. Pallet Stackers
    2. Pallet StackersKaixun designs and offers pallet stackers with good manoeuvrability to assist our customers who use pallet storage method for efficient warehouse space utilization. Our various types of manual, semi-electric...
    1. Hoists
    2. HoistsWith over 20 years in lifting equipment industry, Kaixun is capable of designing and manufacturing durable electric hoists with lifting capacity up to 3,000kg. Our electric hoists can solve your needs of material lifting and pulling.
    1. Winches and Windlasses
    2. Winches and Windlasses Kaixun winches can offer high durability for your lifting and pulling applications, they are perfect lifting equipment for replacing manpower to carry various heavy materials with features of improved work efficiency and low noise level.
    1. Beam Trolley and Crane
    2. Beam Trolley and CraneOur motor driven trolley is typically designed for operation on I-beams, and can be used in combination with electric chain hoist or manual cable hoist to form various cranes, such bridge crane, single-girder crane or jib crane.

Since its establishment in 1998, Kaixun has been specializing in manufacturing lifting equipment and material handling equipment, such as electric chain hoist, electric winch, electric forklift truck, electric pallet truck, etc. To date, we have more than 380 types of products to meet your various application needs.

Kaixun covers an area of 59,000m2, and our production plant comes fully equipped with over 800 sets of manufacturing equipment and 260 set testing devices. Our production capacity can reach a value of 1.5 billion RMB every year.